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My Name is Dylan Ma.
Welcome to My Blog.

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"Life is unpredictable, often presenting us with challenges or results we least expect, even if we have a plan for the present or future. The different possibilities and outcomes that we experience is a life worth living."

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Hello Everyone! I am an astrophysicist, full stack web developer, entrepreneur, product designer, manager, electrical engineer, data scientist, aviation engineer, and most importantly a human being like you. I lived in Los Alamos for 15 years, the home of the invention of the atomic bomb, until 2019 where I would then go to University of California - Santa Cruz to obtain my astrophysics degree(2024). If we were friends in high school, contact me! Lets talk and try to meet up again :). Here are samples of my projects. If you have any questions for me, please send a message. The video thumbnail above me is a picture of my dog. My first intro video :D. Resume

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