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My Name is Dylan Ma.
Welcome to My Blog.

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"Life will give you unexpected results even if you believe that there is a plan for the upcoming future or a plan for yourself."

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Hello Everyone. People like call me 'Dylan' or 'Ma'. I am a human being, an astrophysicist, website designer, electrical engineer, data scientist, and an entrepreneur. I was born at a town call Providence. Though I do not remember anything about Providence, I do remember living in Los Alamos for 15 years. After living in Los Alamos, I went to the University of California - Santa Cruz for a bachelor's degree in applied physics. Updated in 9/12/21, I work as an astrophysics researcher at the Los Alamos National Lab and I sell online security services. Here is a list to all of the important projects I have done in my life. None of these projects would be possible without any type of computer programming. The computing programming languages that I use are Python, Javascript with many Javascript based languages(Ajax, Vue, Json, React/Native), HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Django. I am a nerd who enjoys to mountain bike, swim, have a video channel, and hit the gym. I would like to finish off by saying that there is a picture of my dog at the next section of my website. If you have any questions for me, please send a message.

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